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do away with

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1‘they want to do away with the old customs’

abolish, quash, get rid of, discard, remove, eliminate, discontinue, cancel, stop, end, terminate, put an end to, put a stop to, call a halt to, dispense with, drop, abandon, give up
informal bin, scrap, ditch, dump, axe, cut out, pack in, get shut of, pull the plug on, knock something on the head, give something the chop
British informal get shot of


2‘she tried to do away with her husband’

kill, put to death, do to death, put an end to, finish off, take the life of, end the life of, murder, assassinate, execute, slaughter, butcher, wipe out, mow down, shoot down, cut down
dispatch, liquidate, exterminate, eliminate, eradicate, destroy
informal do in, bump off, knock off, polish off, top, take out, snuff out, snuff, erase, croak, stiff, zap, blow away, blow someone's brains out, give someone the works
North American informal ice, off, rub out, waste, whack, scrag, smoke
North American euphemistic terminate with extreme prejudice
literary slay