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1‘Tim isn't well but he refuses to see a doctor’

physician, medical practitioner, medical man, medical woman, clinician, doctor of medicine, MD
Nautical surgeon
informal doc, medic, medico, quack
archaic leech, sawbones


1‘he doctored the horses' wounds with some strong-smelling salve’

treat, medicate, dose, soothe, cure, heal
tend, attend to, minister to, administer to, care for, take care of, nurse

2‘he denied doctoring Stephen's drinks’

adulterate, contaminate, taint, tamper with, lace, mix, dilute, water down, thin out, weaken
informal spike, dope, cut, slip a Mickey Finn into
rare vitiate

3‘the reports are bland and could have been doctored’

falsify, tamper with, tinker with, interfere with, manipulate, massage, rig, alter, change
forge, fake, trump up
fudge, pervert, distort
informal cook, juggle
British informal fiddle, fiddle with