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1‘the Romans dominated the parts of Britain that became England and Wales’

control, influence, exercise control over, be in control of, command, be in command of, be in charge of, rule, govern, direct, be the boss of, preside over, have ascendancy over, have mastery over, master, have the upper hand over, subjugate, hegemonize
domineer, tyrannize, oppress, bully, intimidate, have the whip hand over, push about, push around, boss, boss about, boss, boss around, ride roughshod over, trample on, have under one's thumb
informal head up, call the shots, call the tune, be in the driver's seat, be in the saddle, be at the helm, rule the roost, lay down the law, walk all over
British informal wear the trousers
North American informal have someone in one's hip pocket
literary sway

2‘the Puritan work ethic still dominates’

predominate, prevail, reign, be prevalent, be paramount, be pre-eminent, be most important, be influential, be significant, be of consequence, be of account, count, matter, signify, carry weight, bulk large

3‘the village is dominated by the railway viaduct’

overlook, command, tower above, tower over, stand over, project over, jut over, hang over, loom over, dwarf, overtop, overshadow, overhang
bestride, span, straddle, extend across