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1‘she drank her coffee’

swallow, gulp down, quaff, swill, guzzle, sup
imbibe, partake of, sip, consume, take
drain, toss off
informal swig, down, knock back, put away, sink, kill, slug, inhale, wet one's whistle
British informal neck
North American informal scarf, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up, chug
rare ingurgitate

2‘a churchgoing man who never drank’

drink alcohol, take alcohol, tipple, indulge
be a hard drinker, be a heavy drinker, be a serious drinker, be an alcoholic, binge-drink
carouse, go drinking, predrink
informal take a drop, hit the bottle, take to the bottle, booze, knock a few back, have a few, have one over the eight, tank up, get tanked up, drink like a fish, go on a bender, go on a binge
British informal bevvy
North American informal bend one's elbow, lush
Australian, New Zealand informal grog up
archaic wassail, tope

be teetotal, be on the wagon

3‘let's drink to the success of our venture’

toast, propose a toast to, wish health to, wish luck to, wish success to, salute


1‘he took another sip of his drink’

beverage, drinkable liquid, potable liquid, liquid refreshment, thirst quencher
dram, bracer, nightcap, nip, tot, spot
North American eye-opener
Scottish, Irish deoch an doris
British informal cuppa, pint
rare potation, libation

2‘he sought refuge in drink because of his loneliness’

alcohol, liquor, intoxicating liquor, alcoholic drink, strong drink, intoxicants
informal booze, hooch, the hard stuff, firewater, gut-rot, rotgut, moonshine, tipple, the demon drink, the bottle, juice, the sauce, grog, Dutch courage, John Barleycorn
British informal wallop, bevvy
US informal bellywash

3‘she took a drink of her wine’

swallow, gulp, sip, draught, swill
informal swig, slug
North American informal chug

4‘she asked if she could have a drink of orange juice’

glass, cup, mug

5the drink‘he heaved the outboard motor into the drink’

the sea, the ocean, the water
informal the briny, Davy Jones's locker
literary the deep


    drink something in

    ‘he drank in the details of the crime’

    absorb, assimilate, digest, ingest, take in, be absorbed in, be immersed in, be rapt in, be lost in, be fascinated by, pay close attention to