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1‘the steady drum of raindrops’

beat, rhythm, patter, tap, chatter, pounding, thump, thumping, thud, thudding, rattle, rattling, pitter-patter, rat-a-tat, pit-a-pat, thrum, tattoo, vibration, throb, throbbing, pulsation
archaic bicker, clacket

2‘a drum of radioactive waste’

canister, barrel, cylinder, tank, bin, can
container, receptacle, holder, vessel, repository


1‘she drummed her fingers on the desktop’

tap, beat, rap, knock, strike, thud, thump, hit
tattoo, thrum

2‘an unwritten law which was drummed into us at school’

instil, drive, drive home, din, hammer, drill, drub, implant, ingrain, inculcate
teach over and over again, indoctrinate, brainwash


    drum something up

    ‘he was drumming up business for his new investment company’

    round up, gather, collect
    summon, obtain, get, attract
    canvass, solicit, petition, bid for
    drum someone out

    ‘he was drummed out of office’

    expel from, dismiss from, discharge from, throw out of, oust from
    drive out of, get rid of, thrust out of, push out of
    exclude from, banish from
    Military cashier
    informal give someone the boot, boot out, kick out, give someone their marching orders, give someone the bullet, give someone the push, show someone the door, send packing