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1‘the ball passed over the batsman as he ducked’

bob down, bend, bend down, bow down, stoop, stoop down, crouch, crouch down, squat, squat down, hunch down, hunker down, sit on one's haunches
cower, cringe, shrink, huddle
North American informal scooch

straighten up, stand

2‘she was ducked in the river’

dip, dunk, plunge, immerse, submerge, lower, sink

3‘he ducked out of history lessons’

shirk, dodge, evade, avoid, steer clear of, run away from, elude, escape, find a way out of, back out of, pull out of, shun, eschew, miss
sidestep, bypass, skirt round, circumvent, give a wide berth to, find a way round, turn one's back on
informal cop out of, get out of, wriggle out of, worm one's way out of
British informal skive, skive off, funk
North American informal cut
Australian, New Zealand informal duck-shove
archaic decline, bilk

take part in, face up to