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1‘he's made some really duff films’

bad, substandard, poor, inferior, second-rate, second-class, unsatisfactory, inadequate, unacceptable, not up to scratch, not up to par, deficient, imperfect, defective, faulty, shoddy, amateurish, careless, negligent
dreadful, awful, terrible, abominable, frightful, atrocious, disgraceful, deplorable, hopeless, worthless, laughable, lamentable, miserable, sorry, third-rate, diabolical, execrable
incompetent, inept, inexpert, ineffectual
informal crummy, rotten, pathetic, useless, woeful, bum, lousy, appalling, abysmal, pitiful, godawful, dire, not up to snuff, the pits
British informal chronic, rubbish, pants, a load of pants, ropy, poxy
vulgar slang crap, shit, chickenshit
rare egregious