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1‘it's time to take the rubbish to the dump’

refuse dump, refuse heap, dumping ground, dustheap, slag heap, midden, dunghill, dung heap
British scrapyard, tip, rubbish tip, rubbish dump, rubbish heap
North American junkyard, nuisance grounds

2‘the house is a dump, but the rent is cheap’

hovel, shack, slum, shanty, mess
informal hole, pigsty


1‘he dumped a bag of groceries on the table’

put down, lay down, set down, deposit, place, put, unload
drop, let fall, throw down, fling down
informal stick, park, plonk, shove, pop
British informal bung
North American informal plunk
archaic unlade
rare posit

2‘they gained permission to dump asbestos at the site’

dispose of, get rid of, throw away, throw out, discard, scrap, bin, jettison, cast aside, cast out, fling out, toss out
informal ditch, junk, get shut of
British informal get shot of
North American informal trash

3‘pumps are used to dump effluent from the tanks’

discharge, empty out, pour out, tip out, unload, jettison, eject, spew out, throw out, force out

4‘he dumped her and ran off with a richer woman’

abandon, desert, leave, leave in the lurch, leave high and dry, turn one's back on, jilt, break up with, finish with, cast aside, throw over
informal walk out on, run out on, rat on, drop, ditch, chuck, give someone the old heave-ho, leave someone holding the baby
British informal give someone the push, give someone the elbow, give someone the big E
archaic forsake