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1‘she was free of any binding love or duty’

responsibility, obligation, commitment, obedience, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, respect, deference, reverence, homage
historical fealty

2‘it was his duty to attend the king’

job, task, chore, assignment, commission, mission, function, charge, part, place, role, concern, requirement, responsibility, obligation
work, burden, onus
British informal pigeon
dated office

3‘the duty was raised on alcohol and tobacco’

tax, levy, tariff, excise, toll, fee, imposition, impost, exaction, tithe, payment, rate
customs, dues
rare mulct


    on duty

    ‘the night security man was on duty’

    working, at work, busy, occupied, engaged
    on call, on standby
    informal on the job, tied up
    off duty

    ‘he helped at the hospital even when he was off duty’

    not working, at leisure, on leave, on annual leave, off, off work, free
    British on holiday