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1‘make sure that resources are used effectively’

successfully, effectually, efficaciously, productively, constructively, fruitfully
valuably, helpfully, beneficially, advantageously, usefully, functionally
forcefully, forcibly, powerfully, strongly, potently, soundly, validly, tellingly
convincingly, compellingly, impressively, persuasively, irresistibly, credibly, influentially, conclusively, unanswerably, authoritatively

ineffectively, weakly

2‘they were effectively controlled by the people they were supposed to be investigating’

practically, virtually, in effect, all but, more or less, almost, nearly, close to, approaching, not far from, nearing, verging on, bordering on, well nigh, nigh on, just about, as good as, tantamount to, essentially, in essence, in practical terms, for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes, in all but name
actually, in reality, implicitly, tacitly, silently
approximately, roughly, not quite
South African plus-minus
informal pretty much, pretty nearly, pretty well, as near as dammit
rare operatively

theoretically, officially