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1‘leaning on one's elbow’

arm joint, bend of the arm

2‘you need to fit a 15mm elbow to the end of the pipe’

bend, joint, curve, corner, angle, right angle, crook
technical flexure


1‘she elbowed him out of the way’

push, push one's way, shove, shove one's way, force, force one's way, shoulder, shoulder one's way, jostle, jostle one's way, nudge, muscle, bulldoze, bludgeon one's way


    give someone the elbow

    ‘200 staff have been given the elbow today’

    dismiss, axe, give someone notice, throw out, get rid of, lay off, let go, discharge
    British make redundant
    informal sack, fire, kick out, boot out, give someone the sack, give someone the boot, give someone the bullet, give someone the heave-ho, give someone the old heave-ho, give someone the push, give someone their marching orders, show someone the door
    British informal give someone their cards
    elbow grease

    ‘homemade cleaners may require more elbow grease than commercial spray-and-wipe products’

    hard work, work, labour, toil, exertion, effort, slog, drudgery
    informal grind, sweat, donkey work, spadework
    British informal graft, fag
    Australian, New Zealand informal yakka
    archaic travail, moil