Synonyms of endeavour in English:


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1‘the company endeavoured to expand its activities’

try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek, set out
strive, struggle, labour, toil, work hard, try hard, exert oneself, apply oneself, do one's best, do one's utmost, give one's all, be at pains
work at, try one's hand at
informal slog away, give something a whirl, have a go at, have a shot at, have a stab at, give something one's best shot, do one's damnedest, go all out, bend over backwards, break one's neck, bust a gut, move heaven and earth
formal essay


1‘an endeavour to build a more buoyant economy’

attempt, try, bid, effort, trial, venture
informal go, crack, shot, stab, bash, whack, whirl

2‘after several days of endeavour he completed the task’

striving, struggling, labouring, struggle, labour, hard work, hard slog, effort, exertion, application, industry
informal sweat, blood, sweat, and tears, elbow grease
British informal graft
Australian, New Zealand informal yakka, hard yakka
archaic travail, moil

3‘what you are proposing is an extremely unwise endeavour’

undertaking, enterprise, venture, pursuit, exercise, activity, exploit, deed, act, action, move
scheme, plan, project
informal caper