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1‘they've enlarged their house’

become bigger, make bigger, become larger, make larger, become greater, make greater, increase in size, grow, expand
extend, amplify, augment, build up, add to, supplement
magnify, intensify, multiply
stretch, swell, distend, bloat, bulge, dilate, snowball, mushroom, blow up, puff up, fatten, fill out, balloon
widen, become wider, make wider, broaden, become broader, make broader, lengthen, elongate, become longer, make longer, deepen, become deeper, make deeper, thicken, become thicker, make thicker
British top up
informal jumboize
literary wax
rare tumefy, intumesce, protuberate

dwindle, reduce

2‘he didn't choose to enlarge on his remark’

elaborate on, expand on, add to, build on, flesh out, add flesh to, put flesh on the bones of, add detail to, expatiate on
supplement, reinforce, augment, extend, broaden, develop, fill out, embellish, embroider, enhance, amplify, refine, improve, polish, perfect