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1‘I immediately enthused about the idea’

rave, be enthusiastic, gush, wax lyrical, bubble over, effervesce, be effusive, rhapsodize, go into raptures
praise to the skies, heap praise on, make much of, throw bouquets at, eulogize, extol, acclaim
informal go crazy, go mad, go wild, get all worked up, go over the top
British informal big someone up, big something up
North American informal ballyhoo
dated cry someone up, cry something up
rare laud, panegyrize

2‘He is a brilliant producer. He enthuses people’

motivate, inspire, stimulate, encourage, spur, spur on, galvanize, arouse, rouse, excite, stir, stir up, fire, fire with enthusiasm, make enthusiastic, fire the imagination of
rare inspirit, incentivize