Synonyms of evidently in English:


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1‘he was evidently dismayed by what he saw’

obviously, clearly, plainly, perceptibly, visibly, discernibly, transparently, manifestly, patently, palpably, distinctly, markedly, blatantly
unmistakably, indisputably, undeniably, undoubtedly, incontrovertibly, without question, without doubt
informal as sure as eggs is eggs

2‘evidently, she believed herself to be unobserved’

seemingly, apparently, so it seems, as far as one can tell, from all appearances, on the face of it, to all intents and purposes, on the surface, outwardly, ostensibly
it seems, it seems that, it would seem, it would seem that, it appears, it appears that, it would appear, it would appear that
rare ostensively