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1‘exercise improves your heart and lung power’

physical activity, movement, exertion, effort, work
a workout, training, drilling
gymnastics, sports, games, PE, physical education, PT, physical training, aerobics, step aerobics, jogging, running, circuit training, aquarobics, callisthenics, isometrics, eurhythmics, keep-fit, dancercise, bodybuilding
coloquial physical jerks
coloquial, anticuado one's daily dozen
Marca registrada boxercise

2‘translation exercises from and into French’

task, piece of work, problem, assignment, piece of school work, piece of homework
Música étude

3‘the exercise of professional skill’

use, utilization, employment
practice, putting into practice, application, operation, exertion, performance, implementation, discharge, accomplishment

4exercises‘military exercises’

manoeuvres, operations
war games, field day


1‘she still exercised every day’

work out, do exercises, keep fit, train, drill, engage in physical activity
coloquial pump iron

2‘he must learn to exercise patience’

use, employ, make use of, utilize, avail oneself of, put to use
practise, apply, bring to bear, bring into play, implement, exert, wield

3‘the problem continued to exercise him’

worry, trouble, concern, make anxious, bother, disturb, perturb, perplex, puzzle, distress, occupy someone's thoughts, preoccupy, prey on someone's mind, gnaw at, lie heavy on, burden, make uneasy, agitate
coloquial bug, make someone scratch their head, do someone's head in
arcaico pother