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1‘the effort had exhausted him’

tire out, wear out, overtire, overtax, fatigue, weary, tire, drain, run someone into the ground, run someone ragged, enervate, sap, debilitate, prostrate, enfeeble
wear oneself to a shadow
informal do in, take it out of one, wipe out, fag out, knock out, shatter, wear oneself to a frazzle, frazzle, nearly kill
British informal knacker
North American informal poop, tucker out
Australian, New Zealand, Irish informal root

invigorate, refresh

2‘the country has exhausted its treasury reserves’

use up, run through, go through, consume, finish, deplete, expend, spend, dissipate, waste, squander, fritter away
empty, milk, drain, suck dry, impoverish
informal blow, bleed

replenish, restock

3‘I think we've exhausted the subject’

say all there is to say about, leave nothing left to say about, do to death
treat thoroughly, develop completely, expound in great detail about, study in great detail, research completely, leave no stone left unturned, go over with a fine-tooth comb

touch on