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1‘the eastern extremity of the county’

limit, end, edge, side, farthest point, boundary, border, frontier, boundary line, bound, bounding line, partition line, demarcation line, end point, cut-off point, termination
perimeter, circumference, outside, outline, confine, periphery, outskirts, margin, brink, rim, lip, fringe, verge, threshold, compass
literary bourn, marge, skirt
rare ambit


2extremities‘she began to regain some feeling in her extremities’

hands and feet, fingers and toes, limbs

3‘the extremity of the violence concerns us greatly’

intensity, high degree, magnitude, acuteness, ferocity, vehemence, fierceness, violence, severity, seriousness, strength, power, powerfulness, potency, vigour, force, forcefulness, gravity, graveness, severeness, grievousness

4‘he has promised that in extremity he will send for her’

dire straits, trouble, difficulty, hard times, hardship, adversity, misfortune, distress
crisis, emergency, disaster, catastrophe, calamity, cataclysm
predicament, plight, mess, dilemma
setback, reverse, reversal
destitution, indigence, exigency
informal fix, pickle, jam, spot, bind, stew, scrape, hole, sticky situation, hot water, deep water, hell, hell on earth
British informal spot of bother