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1‘the fable of the sick lion and the wary fox’

moral tale, parable, apologue, allegory, bestiary

2‘the fables of ancient Greece’

myth, legend, saga, epic, folk tale, folk story, traditional story, tale, story, fairy tale, narrative, romance
folklore, lore, mythology, fantasy, oral history, tradition, folk tradition, old wives' tales
technical mythos, mythus
informal yarn

3‘it's a fable that I have a taste for fancy restaurants’

falsehood, fib, fabrication, deception, made-up story, trumped-up story, fake news, invention, concoction, piece of fiction, fiction, falsification, falsity, fairy story, fairy tale, cock and bull story
lie, untruth, barefaced lie
white lie, little white lie, half-truth, exaggeration, prevarication, departure from the truth, alternative fact
yarn, story, red herring, rumour, myth, flight of fancy, figment of the imagination
pretence, pretext, sham, ruse, wile, trickery, stratagem
informal tall story, tall tale, whopper
British informal porky, pork pie, porky pie
humorous terminological inexactitude
vulgar slang bullshit
Australian, New Zealand vulgar slang bulldust