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1‘she has a beautiful face’

countenance, physiognomy, profile, features
informal mug, kisser, clock
British informal mush, dial, phizog, phiz
British rhyming slang boat race
Scottish, Irish informal coupon
Northern Irish informal bake
North American informal puss, pan
literary visage, lineaments
archaic front

2‘her face grew sad again’

expression, facial expression, look, appearance, air, manner, bearing, countenance, guise, cast, aspect, impression
formal mien

3‘he made a face at the sourness of the drink’

grimace, scowl, wry face, wince, frown, glower, smirk, pout, moue

4‘a cube has six faces’

side, aspect, flank, vertical, surface, plane, facet, wall, elevation
front, frontage, facade

5‘the face of a watch’

dial, display

6‘a number of dramatic events changed the face of the industry’

appearance, outward appearance, aspect, air, nature, image

7‘he put on a brave face for his audience’

front, show, display, act, appearance, false front, facade, exterior, guise, mask, masquerade, pretence, charade, pose, illusion, smokescreen, veneer, camouflage

8‘criticism, if it is to be constructive, should never cause the recipient to lose face’

respect, honour, esteem, regard, admiration, approbation, acclaim, approval, favour, appreciation, popularity, estimation, veneration, awe, reverence, deference, recognition, prestige, standing, status, dignity, glory, kudos, cachet, image
self-respect, self-esteem, self-image

9‘they had the face to upbraid others’

effrontery, audacity, nerve, gall, brazenness, brashness, shamelessness
defiance, boldness, temerity, impudence, impertinence, insolence, presumption, presumptuousness, forwardness, cheek, cheekiness
impoliteness, unmannerliness, bad manners, rudeness
informal brass, brass neck, neck, cockiness
British informal sauce
Scottish informal snash
North American informal sass, sassiness, chutzpah
informal, dated hide
British informal, dated crust


1‘the hotel faces the sea’

look out on, front on to, look towards, be facing, afford a view of, command a view of, have a view of, look across, look over, open out over, look on to, overlook, give on to, give over, be opposite, be opposite to

back on to

2‘you'll just have to face facts’

accept, come to accept, become reconciled to, reconcile oneself to, reach an acceptance, reach an acceptance of, get used to, become accustomed to, adjust to, accommodate oneself to, acclimatize oneself to
learn to live with, cope with, deal with, come to terms with, get to grips with, become resigned to, make the best of
confront, meet head-on


3‘he is likely to face a humiliating rejection’

be confronted by, be faced with, encounter, experience, come into contact with, run into, come across, meet, come up against, be forced to contend with

4‘those are the problems that face our police force’

beset, worry, distress, cause trouble to, trouble, bother, confront, burden
harass, oppress, vex, irritate, exasperate, strain, stress, tax
torment, plague, blight, bedevil, rack, smite, curse, harrow
rare discommode

5‘though unprepared for such a challenge, he faced it boldly’

brave, face up to, encounter, meet, meet head-on, confront, dare, defy, oppose, resist, withstand

succumb to

6usually be faced with‘a low, curving wall faced with flint’

cover, clad, veneer, skin, overlay, surface, dress, pave, put a facing on, laminate, inlay, plate, coat, line


    fly in the face of

    ‘this flies in the face of the facts’

    go against, flout, defy, disobey, refuse to obey, rebel against, thumb one's nose at, disregard, ignore, set one's face against, kick against
    break, violate, contravene, breach, infringe
    informal cock a snook at
    archaic set at naught


    face to face

    ‘the two men stood face to face’

    facing, facing each other, confronting, confronting each other, opposite, opposite each other, across from each other, opposing, opposing each other
    informal eyeball to eyeball, eyeball to eyeball with
    face down

    ‘he faced down his harshest critic’

    stand up to, outface, cow, overawe, intimidate, browbeat, confront, beard, outstare, stare down, stare out, defy
    on the face of it

    ‘on the face of it, the government's decision is the height of folly’

    ostensibly, to the casual eye, at face value, to all appearances, from appearances, to go by appearances, to judge by appearances, to all intents and purposes, at first glance, on the surface, superficially
    apparently, seemingly, evidently, outwardly, it seems, it seems that, it would seem, it would seem that, it appears, it appears that, it would appear, it would appear that, as far as one knows, as far as one can see, as far as one can tell, by all accounts, so it seems
    so the story goes, so I'm told, so it appears, so it seems, so it would appear, so it would seem
    allegedly, supposedly, reputedly