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1‘the fashion for figure-hugging clothes’

vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, mode, fad, fancy, passing fancy
current style, latest style, latest thing, latest taste
style, look
general tendency, convention, custom, practice, usage
informal thing

2‘she was always interested in fashion’

clothes, the clothes industry, clothes design, couture
informal the rag trade

3‘a Victorian lady of fashion’

fashionable society, high society, society, social elite, the beautiful people, the beau monde, the A-list
informal the jet set

4‘it needs to be run in a sensible and organized fashion’

manner, way, style, method, mode
system, approach

5‘they built a boat of some fashion’

type, kind, sort, make, design, description


1‘the head section was fashioned from a separate sheet of lead’

construct, build, manufacture, make, create, fabricate, contrive
cast, frame, shape, form, mould, sculpt
forge, hew, carve, whittle, hammer, chisel


    out of fashion

    ‘such gallantry is out of fashion’

    unfashionable, out of style, no longer fashionable, old-fashioned, out of date, outdated, dated, outmoded, behind the times, last year's, superseded
    unstylish, unpopular
    passé, démodé
    informal old hat, out, square, out of the ark, old school
    Northern English informal antwacky

    in fashion

    in fashion

    ‘the Sixties look is in fashion again’

    fashionable, in vogue, up to date, up to the minute, all the rage, bang up to date
    smart, chic, elegant
    de rigueur, à la mode
    informal trendy, with it, cool, in, the in thing, hot, big, hip, happening, now, sharp, groovy, mod, swinging
    North American kicking, tony, fly
    British informal, dated all the go

    out of fashion

    after a fashion

    ‘the arrangement worked after a fashion’

    to a certain extent, in a way, in a rough way, somehow or other, somehow, in an approximate manner, in a manner of speaking, in its way
    informal ish