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1‘I was ready for whatever fate had in store for me’

destiny, providence, God's will, nemesis, kismet, astral influence, the stars, what is written in the stars, one's lot in life
predestination, predetermination
chance, luck, serendipity, fortuity, fortune, hazard, Lady Luck, Dame Fortune
Hinduism Buddhism karma
archaic dole, cup, heritage

2‘I didn't want to put my fate in someone else's hands’

future, destiny, outcome, issue, upshot, end, lot, due
archaic doom, dole

3‘the authorities warned that a similar fate would befall other convicted killers’

death, demise, end, destruction, doom
ruin, downfall, undoing, finish, disaster, catastrophe
retribution, sentence

4the Fates‘the Fates might decide that it was his time to die’

the weird sisters
Roman Mythology the Parcae
Greek Mythology the Moirai
Scandinavian Mythology the Norns


1be fated‘his daughter was fated to face the same problem’

be predestined, be preordained, be foreordained, be destined, be meant, be doomed, be foredoomed, be cursed, be damned
be sure, be certain, be bound, be guaranteed
be inevitable, be inescapable, be ineluctable