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1‘the occasion was celebrated with a great feast’

banquet, celebration meal, lavish dinner, sumptuous repast, large meal, formal meal, formal dinner
treat, entertainment, jollification
revels, festivities
informal blowout, feed, junket, spread, binge, bash, do
British informal nosh-up, beanfeast, bunfight, beano, scoff, slap-up meal, tuck-in

snack, fast

2‘the feast of St Stephen’

festival, religious festival, feast day, saint's day, holy day, holiday, fete, festivity, celebration

3‘the decorations are a feast for the eyes’

treat, delight, joy, pleasure, gratification


1‘they feasted on lobster and beef’

gorge on, dine on, eat one's fill of, indulge in, overindulge in
eat, devour, consume, partake of
informal binge on, binge-eat, stuff one's face with, stuff oneself with, stuff down, shovel down, wolf down, pig oneself on, pig out on, make a pig of oneself on, cram in, tuck into, put away, pack away, make short work of, get outside of
British informal gollop, shift, get one's laughing gear round
North American informal snarf
rare gourmandize

2‘they feasted the deputation’

hold a banquet for, throw a feast for, wine and dine, ply with food and drink, give someone a meal, feed, cater for
entertain lavishly, regale, treat, fete, throw a party for, play host to