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1‘a typical feature of French music’

characteristic, attribute, quality, property, trait, mark, hallmark, trademark
aspect, facet, side, point, detail, factor, ingredient, component, constituent, element, theme
peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, quirk, oddity

2features‘his eyes swept over her delicate features’

face, countenance, physiognomy, profile
informal mug, kisser, clock
British informal mush, phiz, phizog, dial
British rhyming slang boat race
Scottish, Irish informal coupon
Northern Irish informal bake
North American informal puss, pan
literary visage, lineaments
archaic front

3‘she made a feature of her garden sculptures’

centrepiece, special attraction, attraction, highlight, focal point, focus, focus of attention, centre of interest, draw, crowd-pleaser, cynosure
selling point
informal crowd-puller

4‘the journal contains a series of short features’

article, piece, item, report, story, column, review, commentary, criticism, analysis, write-up, exposé
North American theme


1‘Radio Ulster intends to feature a week of live concerts’

present, promote, make a feature of, give prominence to, focus attention on, call attention to, spotlight, highlight, accent

2‘she is to feature in a major advertising campaign’

star, appear, participate, play a part, have a place, have prominence