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1‘she encourages her customers to feel the fabrics’

touch, stroke, caress, fondle, finger, thumb, handle, manipulate, fiddle with, play with, toy with, maul
put one's hand on, lay a finger on
coloquial paw

2‘she felt a steady breeze on her back’

perceive, sense, detect, discern, make out, notice, observe, identify
be sensible of, have a sensation of, be aware of, be conscious of

3‘the patient does not feel pain during the procedure’

experience, undergo, go through, bear, endure, suffer, be forced to contend with
know, have

4‘he began to feel his way towards the door’

grope, fumble, scrabble, pick, poke, explore

5‘feel the temperature of the water’

test, try, try out, assess

6‘he feels that he should go to the meeting’

believe, think, consider it right, consider, fancy, be of the opinion, hold, maintain, judge, deem
suspect, suppose, assume, presume, conclude, come to the conclusion that
Norteamericano figure
coloquial reckon


7‘I feel that he is only biding his time’

sense, have a feeling, get the impression, feel in one's bones, have a hunch, have a funny feeling, just know, intuit

8‘the air feels damp’

seem, appear, strike one as


1‘in murky water the divers work by feel’

touch, sense of touch, tactile sense, tactility, feeling, feeling one's way, contact

2‘he liked the feel of the paper’

texture, surface, finish, grain, nap
weight, thickness, consistency
quality, character

3‘lighting can radically alter the feel of a room’

atmosphere, ambience, aura, mood, feeling, air, impression, climate, character, overtone, undertone, tenor, spirit, quality, flavour, colour
coloquial vibrations, vibes, vibe
marginal subcurrent

4‘he has a real feel for the language’

aptitude, knack, flair, bent, talent, gift, art, trick, faculty, ability, propensity, inclination
head, mind, brain
coloquial know-how


    feel for

    ‘the press persecuted John and I felt for him’

    sympathize with, be sorry for, pity, feel pity for, feel sympathy for, feel compassion for, empathize with, identify with, be moved by, weep for, grieve for, sorrow for
    commiserate with, condole with
    arcaico compassion
    feel like

    ‘I feel like an ice cream’

    want, would like, wish for, desire, fancy, feel in need of, feel the need for, long for, crave, hanker after, pine for, thirst for, be desperate for, be bent on
    coloquial have a yen for, yen for, be dying for