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1‘it's important to assess the fabric by feeling’

touch, feel, sense of touch, tactile sense, tactility, contact, using one's hands

2‘she was overcome by a feeling of nausea’

sensation, sense
awareness, consciousness, perception, impression

3‘I had a feeling that I would win’

suspicion, sneaking suspicion, notion, inkling, hunch, fancy, apprehension, presentiment, premonition, foreboding
idea, vague idea, impression
informal gut feeling, feeling in one's bones, funny feeling, sixth sense

4‘he was amazed at the strength of her feeling’

love, care, affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, warmness, emotion, sentiment
passion, ardour, desire, lust, infatuation
adulation, adoration, reverence, devotion

5‘the government is out of touch with public feeling’

sentiment, emotion, emotional state
opinion, attitude, belief
ideas, views

6‘Emma felt a rush of feeling for the poor child’

compassion, sympathy, empathy, fellow feeling, understanding, care, concern, solicitude, solicitousness, tender-heartedness, tenderness, love, brotherly love
pity, sorrow, commiseration, condolences

7feelings‘he hadn't meant to hurt her feelings’

sensibilities, sensitivities, self-esteem, ego, pride
emotions, passions, sentiments

8‘my feeling is that his claim is true’

opinion, belief, view, impression, intuition, instinct, hunch, estimation, guess, theory, hypothesis, thought, way of thinking, point of view

9‘a feeling of peace prevailed in the quiet street’

atmosphere, ambience, aura, air, feel, mood, impression, climate, character, overtone, undertone, tenor, spirit, quality, flavour, colour
informal vibrations, vibes, vibe
rare subcurrent

10‘he has a remarkable feeling for language’

aptitude, knack, flair, bent, talent, gift, skill, art, trick, faculty, ability, propensity, inclination
head, mind, brain
informal know-how


1‘he considers himself to be a feeling man’

sensitive, warm, warm-hearted, tender, tender-hearted, caring, soft-hearted, sympathetic, compassionate, understanding, empathetic, responsive, receptive, intuitive, thoughtful
emotional, demonstrative, passionate, fiery
archaic sensible