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1‘he's a decent sort of fellow’

man, boy
person, individual, soul
informal guy, lad, fella, codger, sort, character, customer, devil, bunny, bastard
British informal chap, bloke, gent, geezer, bod, punter
Scottish, Irish informal bodach
North American informal dude, hombre
Australian, New Zealand informal digger
South African informal ou, oke
Indian informal admi
informal, dated body, dog
British informal, dated cove
Scottish archaic carl

2‘he exchanged relieved glances with his fellows’

companion, friend, crony, comrade, partner, associate, co-worker, colleague
informal chum, pal, buddy
British informal mate, oppo, bruvver, bruv

3‘some peasants were wealthier than their fellows’

peer, equal, contemporary, brother
archaic compeer
rare coeval, coequal

4‘the fellow to the absent key lay on the table’

counterpart, mate, partner, match, twin, brother, double
copy, duplicate


    fellow feeling

    ‘she felt a rush of fellow feeling for the unfortunate woman’

    sympathy, empathy, feeling, compassion, care, concern, solicitude, solicitousness, warmth, tenderness, brotherly love
    pity, sorrow, commiseration, condolences
    affinity, rapport, harmony, understanding, fellowship, closeness, togetherness, connection, communion
    rare caritas