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1‘she ferreted in her handbag’

rummage, search about, scrabble around, feel around, grope around, forage around, fish about, fish around, poke about, poke around, scratch about, scratch around, delve, dig, hunt
search through, hunt through, rifle through, sift through, go through, scour, ransack, explore
British informal rootle around
Australian, New Zealand informal fossick through
rare roust around

2‘our headmistress was good at ferreting out misdemeanors’

unearth, uncover, discover, detect, search out, elicit, bring to light, bring into the open, reveal, get at, run to earth, track down, turn up, dig up, dig out, root out, hunt out, fish out, nose out, sniff out
informal get wind of, get wise to, rumble
rare uncloak