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1‘a fiendish torturer’

wicked, cruel, vicious, evil, nefarious, unspeakable
brutal, brutish, savage, barbaric, barbarous, beastly, inhuman, murderous, bloodthirsty, ferocious
ruthless, heartless, pitiless, merciless, black-hearted, unfeeling
malevolent, malicious, villainous, malignant, devilish, diabolical, hellish, demonic, satanic, Mephistophelian, ungodly
odious, base
archaic, humorous dastardly

2‘a fiendish plot’

cunning, clever, ingenious, artful, crafty, canny, wily, guileful, devious, scheming, shrewd, astute, sharp, sharp-witted, imaginative
informal foxy, savvy, sneaky, cute
Scottish, Northern English informal pawky
South African informal slim
rare vulpine, carny

3‘a fiendish puzzle’

difficult, complex, complicated, intricate, involved, knotty, thorny, ticklish, abstruse, impenetrable, unfathomable
challenging, puzzling, baffling, perplexing, bemusing