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1‘he filled a bowl with breakfast cereal’

become full, make full, fill up, fill to the brim, fill to overflowing, charge, load, load up, pack
Britanico top up


2‘guests filled the parlour’

crowd, throng, pack, pack into, jam, occupy all of, press into, squeeze into, cram, cram into
overcrowd, congest, overfill

3‘he began filling his shelves with a selection of beers’

stock, pack, load
supply, furnish, provide, replenish, restock, refill

4‘fill all the holes with a wood-repair compound’

block up, bung up, stop, stop up, plug, seal, caulk, close, clog, clog up, choke, obstruct, occlude, dam up

unblock, open

5‘the perfume filled the room’

pervade, spread through, spread throughout, permeate, suffuse, be diffused through, diffuse through, imbue, penetrate, pass through, infuse, perfuse, extend throughout, be disseminated through, flow through, run through, saturate, impregnate

6‘he was going to fill a government post’

occupy, hold, take up, be in, have
coloquial hold down

7‘we filled a big order for a Yorkshire company’

carry out, complete, fulfil, execute, perform, implement, discharge, bring about
marginal effectuate


    fill out

    ‘she had filled out a little since Sarah had last seen her’

    grow fatter, become plumper, become rounder, flesh out, put on weight, gain weight, get heavier
    fill someone in

    ‘Iain filled me in on the essential details’

    inform of, advise of, tell about, notify of, acquaint with, apprise of, brief on, enlighten about, update with, bring up to date about, make conversant with, report to about
    coloquial put wise about, put in the picture about, clue in about, bring up to speed on, tip off about
    fill in

    ‘I'm going to fill in for Jim on the project’

    substitute, deputize, stand in, cover, provide cover, take over, act, act as deputy, act as stand-in, sit in, act as understudy, understudy, be a proxy, act as locum tenens
    take the place of
    coloquial sub, fill someone's boots, fill someone's shoes, step into someone's boots, step into someone's shoes
    Norteamericano coloquial pinch-hit
    fill something out

    1‘this account needs to be filled out by detailed evidence from local studies’

    expand, enlarge, add to, round out, elaborate, add detail to, add substance to, flesh out, add flesh to, put flesh on the bones of
    supplement, reinforce, extend, broaden, develop, amplify

    2‘he filled out the requisite forms’

    complete, answer, fill up
    Britanico fill in
    fill something in

    ‘he filled in all the forms’

    complete, answer, fill up
    Norteamericano fill out