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1‘I found a book on dreams in the library’

locate, spot, pinpoint, unearth, obtain, detect, put one's finger on
search out, nose out, track down, dig up, hunt out, root out, sniff out, smell out
come across, chance on, light on, happen on, stumble on, hit on, encounter, run across, run into, come upon
informal bump into
literary espy, descry

2‘he claims to have found a cure for rabies’

discover, think of, invent, come up with, hit on, turn up, bring to light, uncover, unearth, ferret out

3‘the police found her purse’

retrieve, recover, get back, regain, repossess, recoup, recuperate, reclaim


4‘I hope you find peace’

obtain, acquire, get, procure, come by, secure, gain, earn, achieve, attain, lay hold of, come to have, win
informal bag, wangle, swing, land, get one's hands on, get one's mitts on, get hold of

5‘I found the courage to speak’

summon, summon up, gather, muster, muster up, screw up, command, call up, rally

6be found‘caffeine is found in coffee and tea’

be present, occur, exist, be met with, be existent, appear, show itself, manifest itself, be
rare obtain

7‘you'll find that many lively towns are but a short drive away’

discover, become aware, realize, observe, notice, note, perceive, learn, detect

8‘I respect their decision, but I find it strange’

consider, think, believe to be, hold to be, feel to be, look on as, view as, see as, take to be, take for, judge, deem, gauge, rate, regard as, reckon, suppose, account, interpret as, esteem

9‘he was found guilty of driving without due care and attention’

judge, adjudge, adjudicate, deem, rule, hold, consider, count, rate, reckon, see as
declare, determine, pronounce

10‘she knew the barb had found its mark’

arrive at, reach, attain, gain, achieve, hit, strike


1‘this exciting find dates from the second century’

discovery, acquisition, asset
unearthing, uncovering

2‘this table is a real find for anyone who's short of space’

good buy, bargain
godsend, boon, windfall


    find one's feet

    ‘a new arrival trying to find his feet at a big club’

    adapt, become accustomed, adjust, get used, become acclimatized, orient oneself, habituate oneself, assimilate
    find something out

    ‘I found out that my husband was having an affair’

    discover, become aware, learn, detect, discern, perceive, observe, notice, note, come to know, get to know, work out, deduce, fathom out, realize
    bring to light, reveal, expose, unearth, disclose, lay bare, unmask, ferret out, dig out, dig up
    establish, determine, make certain of, pin down, grasp
    informal figure out, get a fix on, latch on to, cotton on to, catch on to, tumble to, rumble, get the picture, get the message, get the drift, get wise, have an aha moment
    British informal twig, suss
    North American informal savvy
    rare cognize