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1‘some people were fishing in the lake’

go fishing, angle, cast, trawl

2‘she opened her handbag and fished for her purse’

search, delve, look, hunt, cast about, cast round, cast around
grope, ferret, ferret about, ferret, ferret around, root about, root around, rummage, rummage about, rummage, rummage round, rummage, rummage around, scrabble, fumble
seek, look high and low

3‘I'm not fishing for compliments’

try to get, seek to obtain, solicit
make a bid, angle, aim, cast about, cast round, cast around, hope, look
informal be after


    fish something out

    ‘they fished him out of the water’

    pull out, haul out, take out, bring out
    remove, extricate, extract, retrieve
    rescue from, save from