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1‘Tom flattened the crumpled paper’

become flat, make flat, become even, make even, become smooth, make smooth, smooth, smooth off, smooth out, level, level off, level out, even out
iron, steamroller

roughen, make uneven

2‘he had trampled around and flattened the grass’

compress, press down, crush, squash, compact
trample, tread, tramp, wear

3‘tornadoes can flatten buildings in seconds’

demolish, raze, raze to the ground, level, tear down, knock down, destroy, wipe out, topple, wreck, reduce to ruins, devastate, annihilate, pulverize, obliterate, ravage, smash, wipe off the face of the earth, wipe off the map
North American informal total
rare unbuild

4‘Flynn flattened him with a single punch’

knock down, knock over, knock to the ground, knock off one's feet, fell, rugby-tackle, topple, prostrate
informal lay out, floor, deck, knock for six, knock into the middle of next week

5‘I flattened a drunken heckler with a couple of speedy put-downs’

humiliate, crush, quash, squash, deflate, subdue, humble, cow, chasten, bring down, bring low, take down a peg or two, mortify
informal put down, floor, cut down to size, put someone in their place, settle someone's hash
US informal own