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1‘he flung the axe into the river’

throw, toss, sling, hurl, cast, pitch, lob, bowl, launch, flip, shy, send, propel, project, aim, direct, catapult, fire, send flying, let fly with
informal chuck, heave, bung, buzz, whang, yeet
North American informal peg
Australian informal hoy
New Zealand informal bish


1‘it was his birthday, so he decided he was entitled to a fling’

good time, binge, spree, bit of fun, bit of amusement, night on the town
fun and games, enjoyment, entertainment, recreation, revelry, skylarking, larks

2‘Eva's husband left her when she had her fling with Androulis’

affair, love affair, relationship, romance, flirtation, dalliance, liaison, entanglement, romantic entanglement, involvement, attachment, affair of the heart, intrigue
affaire, affaire de cœur, affaire du cœur, amour
informal hanky-panky
British informal carry-on