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1‘the size of harvest fluctuates from year to year’

vary, differ, shift, change, alter, waver, swing, oscillate, alternate, rise and fall, go up and down, see-saw, yo-yo, be unstable, be unsteady

be steady

2‘she fluctuates between wanting to go and being afraid of going’

vacillate, hesitate, waver, falter, veer, swing, sway, oscillate, alternate, teeter, totter, hover, see-saw, yo-yo, go from one extreme to the other, vary, change one's mind, be in two minds, be ambivalent, be indecisive, be unsure, be undecided
British hum and haw, haver
Scottish swither
informal shilly-shally, dilly-dally, blow hot and cold, pussyfoot around, sit on the fence, wobble