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1‘there was fluff all over my coat’

fuzz, lint, dust
Norteamericano dustballs, dust bunnies
Scottish ooze

2‘on his head was a fluff of pale downy hair’

down, fine hair, soft hair, soft fur, soft feathers, downiness, fuzz, floss, nap, pile

3‘commentary should be free of fluffs such as mispronounced words or hesitations’

mistake, error, gaffe, blunder, fault, slip, slip of the tongue, solecism, indiscretion, oversight, inaccuracy, botch
faux pas
lapsus linguae, lapsus calami
coloquial slip-up, boner, boo-boo, howler, fail
Britanico coloquial boob, clanger
Norteamericano coloquial goof, blooper, bloop
Britanico coloquial, anticuado bloomer, floater


1‘the out-takes show him hopelessly fluffing his lines’

bungle, deliver badly, muddle up, make a mess of
coloquial mess up, foul up, screw up
Britanico coloquial cock up

get right

2‘he fluffed his tee shot on the fourteenth hole’

bungle, fumble, miss
coloquial mess up, make a mess of, make a hash of, hash, muff, foozle, butcher, make a botch of, foul up, bitch up, screw up, blow, louse up
Britanico coloquial make a muck of, make a pig's ear of, cock up, make a Horlicks of
Norteamericano coloquial flub, goof up, bobble
malsonante fuck up, bollix up
Britanico malsonante bugger up, balls up

succeed in, make a good job of