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1‘he forgot where he had parked his car’

fail to remember, fail to recall, fail to think of, let slip


2‘how could you forget your notes?’

leave behind, omit to take, overlook, lose track of, mislay, misplace, lose

3‘I forgot to close the door’

neglect, fail, omit, not remember
archaic pretermit

4‘the rich world would love to forget Africa’

stop thinking about, think no more of, cease to think of, cease to remember, put out of one's mind, shut out, blank out, pay no heed to, not worry about, ignore, overlook, never mind, take no notice of, banish from one's thoughts, put away, get over, set aside, lay aside, pass over, abandon, have done with, drop, disregard, brush off, shrug off


    forget oneself

    ‘I'm sorry about that—I forgot myself’

    act improperly, misbehave, do wrong, go wrong, behave badly, be misbehaved, misconduct oneself, be bad, be naughty, get up to mischief, get up to no good, act up, cause someone trouble, give someone trouble
    sin, go astray, transgress, trespass, fall from grace, lapse, degenerate
    British informal muck about, play up