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1‘the government insisted that all the hostages be released forthwith’

immediately, at once, instantly, directly, right away, straight away, now, that minute, this minute, that very minute, this very minute, that instant, this instant, then and there, there and then, here and now, in a flash, like a flash, instantaneously, by return, post-haste, without delay, without further ado, without more ado, without hesitation, unhesitatingly
quickly, as quickly as possible, fast, speedily, with all speed, promptly, as soon as possible, ASAP, expeditiously
North American momentarily, in short order
tout de suite
informal straight off, toot sweet, pronto, double quick, p.d.q., pretty damn quick, in double quick time, at warp speed
Indian informal ekdam
archaic straightway, instanter, forthright