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1‘some malicious act of fortune keeps them separate’

chance, accident, coincidence, serendipity, twist of fate, destiny, fortuity, providence, freak, hazard
fate, Lady Luck, Dame Fortune
North American happenstance

2‘the company has enjoyed two drastic changes of fortune over the past twenty years’

luck, fate, destiny, predestination, the stars, fortuity, serendipity, karma, kismet, lot, what is written in the stars

3fortunes‘there should be an upswing in Sheffield's fortunes’

circumstances, state of affairs, condition, financial position, material position, financial situation, material situation, financial status, material status
resources, means, finances, income
plight, predicament
station in life, lot, lifestyle
future, prospects

4‘he made his fortune in wholesale grocery’

wealth, riches, substance, property, assets, resources, means, deep pockets, possessions, treasure, estate
affluence, prosperity

5a fortune‘this place costs a fortune to run’

a huge amount, a small fortune, a king's ransom, a vast sum, a large sum of money, a lot, millions, billions
informal a packet, a mint, a bundle, a pile, a wad, a pretty penny, an arm and a leg, a tidy sum, a killing
British informal a bomb, silly money, loadsamoney, shedloads
North American informal big bucks, big money, gazillions
Australian informal big bickies