Synonyms of freak in English:


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1‘the mouse was a genetically engineered freak’

aberration, abnormality, irregularity, oddity, monster, monstrosity, malformation, mutant
freak of nature

2‘they were dismissed as a bunch of freaks’

oddity, eccentric, eccentric person, peculiar person, strange person, unorthodox person, individualist, free spirit, maverick, misfit
crank, lunatic
informal oddball, weirdo, weirdie, nutcase, nut
British informal odd bod, nutter, queer fish
North American informal wacko, screwball, kook
US informal wackadoo, wackadoodle
informal, dated case

3‘the accident was a complete freak’

fluke, anomaly, aberration, rogue, rarity, quirk, oddity, outlier, edge case, unusual occurrence, peculiar turn of events, twist of fate
chance, coincidence, hazard, accident, mistake

4‘he's a radio ham and an electronics freak’

enthusiast, fan, fanatic, addict, devotee, lover
master, wizard, expert, aficionado
informal buff, fiend, nut, maniac, ace
North American informal maven, geek, jock
South African informal fundi


1‘the flood was caused by a freak storm’

unusual, anomalous, atypical, untypical, unrepresentative, abnormal, aberrant, irregular, fluky, exceptional, unparalleled, unaccountable, bizarre, queer, peculiar, odd, freakish
unpredictable, unforeseeable, unexpected, unanticipated, surprise, surprising
rare, singular, isolated
North American informal backasswards



1‘he freaked out and started smashing the place up’

go crazy, go mad, go out of one's mind, go to pieces, crack, snap, lose control, lose one's self-control, lose control of the situation, act wildly
panic, get worked up, get hysterical
informal lose it, crack up, lose one's cool, go bananas, blow one's top, fly off the handle
British informal go crackers, throw a wobbly
North American informal blow one's stack

calm down