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1‘he has frequent bouts of chest infection’

recurrent, recurring, repeated, persistent, periodic, perennial, chronic, continuing, occurring often, continual, constant, incessant, non-stop, endless
many, very many, a great many, numerous, countless, quite a few, quite a lot of, lots of, several
coloquial eternal, loads of, masses of, heaps of, dozens of, hundreds of, thousands of, millions of, more … than one can shake a stick at

infrequent, few

2‘she's a frequent business traveller’

habitual, customary, regular, common, everyday, daily, routine
continual, constant, incessant
literario wonted

infrequent, rare


1‘he frequented the most chic supper clubs’

visit, visit often, be a regular visitor to, be a regular client of, go to regularly, go to repeatedly, attend, attend frequently
haunt, patronize, spend time in, spend all of one's time in, loiter in, linger in
coloquial hang out at, hang around at, show up often at