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1‘an emergency fund’

collection, kitty, reserve, pool, purse
endowment, foundation, trust, charity, grant
investment, capital
savings, nest egg
informal stash

2funds‘I was very short of funds’

money, cash, hard cash, ready money
wealth, means, assets, resources, savings, capital, reserves, deep pockets, the wherewithal
informal dough, bread, loot, green, folding money
British informal lolly, spondulicks, the ready, dosh

3‘his fund of stories seems inexhaustible’

stock, store, supply, accumulation, mass, collection, cumulation, bank, pool
mine, reservoir, storehouse, treasury, treasure house, hoard, repository


1‘the agency was funded by the Treasury’

finance, pay for, back, capitalize, sponsor, provide capital for, provide finance for, put up the money for, subsidize, underwrite, endow, support, be a patron of, float, maintain
informal foot the bill for, pick up the tab for
North American informal bankroll, stake