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1‘he was furious when he learned about it’

enraged, raging, infuriated, very angry, inflamed, incandescent, fuming, boiling, seething, incensed, irate, frenzied, in a frenzy, raving mad, mad, maddened, ranting, raving, wrathful, in a temper, beside oneself
in high dudgeon, indignant, outraged
informal livid, hot under the collar, hopping mad, wild, apoplectic, riled, aerated, on the warpath, up in arms, foaming at the mouth, steamed up, in a lather, fit to be tied, up the wall
British informal as cross as two sticks, in a paddy
North American informal sore, bent out of shape, soreheaded
Australian, New Zealand informal ropeable, snaky, crook
West Indian informal vex
British informal, dated in a bate
literary ireful, wroth

calm, placid

2‘a furious argument’

fierce, wild, violent
intense, vehement, unrestrained
heated, hot, passionate, fiery, lively
tumultuous, turbulent, tempestuous, stormy, boisterous
blustery, gusty, gusting, windy, squally, rough, raging, howling, roaring, foul, filthy, dirty, nasty

mild, calm