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1‘she peered through a gap in the shutters’

opening, aperture, space, breach, chink, slit, slot, vent, crack, crevice, cranny, cavity, hole, orifice, interstice, perforation, break, fracture, rift, rent, fissure, cleft, divide, discontinuity
technical scission, grike

2‘a gap between meetings’

pause, intermission, interval, interlude, delay, break, breathing space, breather, respite, hiatus
North American recess

3‘there appears to be a gap in our records’

omission, blank, blank space, empty space, lacuna, hiatus, void, vacuity

4‘the gap between the rich and the poor’

chasm, gulf, rift, polarity, split, separation, breach
contrast, difference, disparity, divergence, variation, variance, imbalance, unevenness