Synonyms of get at in English:

get at

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1‘it's difficult to get at the timbers once you have insulated’

access, gain access to, get to, reach, touch

2‘he had been got at by government officials’

corrupt, suborn, influence, bribe, buy off, pay off
informal give someone a backhander, give someone a sweetener, grease someone's palm, fix, square
British informal nobble

3‘what are you getting at?’

imply, suggest, intimate, insinuate, hint, mean, intend, lead up to, drive at, allude to

4‘I don't like being got at’

criticize, pick on, find fault with, carp at, nag
bully, victimize, attack, tyrannize, torment, persecute, punish repeatedly and unfairly, discriminate against
informal have it in for, have a down on, be down on
British informal be on at