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1‘Rachel glanced at him nervously’

take a quick look, look quickly, look briefly, peek, peep
glimpse, catch a glimpse of
Scottish keek
informal sneak a look, take a gander
British informal take a dekko, have a shufti, take a butcher's
Australian, New Zealand informal squiz
archaic glance one's eye

gaze, scrutinize

2‘I glanced through the report’

read quickly, scan, have a quick look, run one's eye over
skim, leaf, flick, flip, thumb, browse
dip into
informal give something a once-over, give something the once-over

study, pore over

3‘a bullet glanced off the ice’

ricochet, rebound, be deflected
fly, bounce
graze, clip, make contact with
Billiards Snooker cannon, carom
rare resile

4‘the bright sunlight glanced off her copper hair’

reflect, flash, gleam, glint, glitter, glisten, glimmer, shimmer, flicker, sparkle, twinkle
rare coruscate


1‘he took a quick glance at his watch’

peek, peep, brief look, quick look
Scottish keek
coup d'œil
informal gander
British informal dekko, shufti, butcher's
Australian, New Zealand informal squiz, geek
New Zealand informal Jack Nohi

2‘a glance of light’

flash, gleam, glitter, glint, glimmer, shimmer, flicker, sparkle, twinkle


    at first glance

    ‘at first glance, nothing much seemed to have changed’

    on the face of it, on the surface, at first sight, to the casual eye, to all appearances, to go by appearances, to judge by appearances
    apparently, seemingly, outwardly, superficially, it seems, it seems that, it would seem, it would seem that, it appears, it appears that, it would appear, it would appear that, as far as one can see, as far as one can tell, by all accounts, so it seems, to all intents and purposes