Synonyms of goof in English:


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1‘he acts like such a goof’

fool, idiot, halfwit, nincompoop, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod
informal dope, ninny, chump, dimwit, nitwit, goon, dumbo, dummy, dum-dum, dumb-bell, loon, twerp, jackass, bonehead, fathead, numbskull, blockhead, dunderhead, chucklehead, knucklehead, muttonhead, pudding-head, thickhead, wooden-head, airhead, pinhead, lamebrain, pea-brain, birdbrain, zombie, jerk, nerd, dipstick, donkey, noodle
British informal nit, twit, numpty, ass, clot, plonker, berk, prat, pillock, wally, git, wazzock, divvy, nerk, twonk, charlie, mug, muppet
Scottish informal nyaff, balloon, sumph, gowk
Irish informal gobdaw
North American informal schmuck, bozo, boob, lamer, turkey, schlepper, chowderhead, dumbhead, dumbass, goofball, goofus, galoot, dork, lummox, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, gink, cluck, clunk, ding-dong, dingbat, wiener, weeny, dip, simp, spud, coot, palooka, poop, squarehead, yo-yo, dingleberry
US informal wing nut
Australian, New Zealand informal drongo, dill, alec, galah, nong, bogan, poon, boofhead
South African informal mompara
British vulgar slang knobhead
North American vulgar slang asshat
archaic tomfool, noddy, clodpole, loggerhead, spoony, mooncalf


1‘they started goofing around in front of the cameras’

mess around, mess about, fool around, clown, act up, play the fool

2‘I think I goofed on the question about the gold standard’

blunder, err, mess up, fluff, slip up, make a mistake


    goof off

    ‘I didn't want Lester to think I was just goofing off’

    avoid work, evade one's duty, shirk, skulk, idle
    play truant, truant
    North American cut
    British informal skive, bunk off, swing the lead, wag, scrimshank, dodge the column
    Irish informal mitch off
    North American informal goldbrick, play hooky
    Australian, New Zealand informal play the wag