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1‘he was incapable of governing the country’

rule, preside over, be in power over, reign over, control, exercise control over, have control of, be in control of, be in charge of, command, hold sway over, hegemonize, lead, be the leader of, dominate, run, head, direct, administer, order, manage, regulate, guide, conduct, oversee, supervise, superintend, be at the helm of, steer, pilot
informal be in the driving seat
literary sway

2‘the rules governing social behaviour’

determine, decide, control, regulate, direct, rule, dictate, condition, form, shape
affect, have an effect on, influence, exert influence on, be a factor in, sway, act on, work on, mould, modify, alter, touch, have an impact on, impact on

3‘Maria made a fresh effort to govern her feelings’

control, restrain, keep in check, check, curb, hold back, keep back, bridle, rein in, keep a tight rein on, subdue, constrain, contain