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1‘student demonstrations developed an edge of gratuitous violence’

unjustified, without reason, uncalled for, unwarranted, unprovoked, undue
indefensible, unjustifiable
needless, unnecessary, superfluous, redundant, avoidable, inessential, non-essential, unmerited, groundless, ungrounded, causeless, without cause
senseless, careless, wanton, indiscriminate, unreasoning, brutish
excessive, immoderate, disproportionate, inordinate
unfounded, baseless, inappropriate
de trop

justifiable, necessary

2‘the worker is not there to offer gratuitous advice’

free, gratis, complimentary, voluntary, volunteer, unpaid, unrewarded, unsalaried, free of charge, without charge, for nothing, at no cost, without payment
Law pro bono, pro bono publico
informal for free, on the house
British informal buckshee

paid, professional