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1‘she sorted the coins into groups’

category, class, classification, grouping, set, lot, batch, bracket, type, sort, kind, variety, family, species, genus, breed, style
grade, grading, rank, status

2‘a group of passengers awaited their plane’

crowd, band, company, party, body, gathering, congregation, assembly, collection, cluster, flock, pack, troop, gang, batch
informal bunch

3‘a coup attempt was mounted by a group within the parliament’

faction, division, section, clique, coterie, circle, set, ring, camp, bloc, caucus, cabal, junta, fringe movement, splinter group, minority group

4‘the women's group meets in the early afternoon’

association, club, society, league, guild, circle, union, consortium, cooperative, partnership, syndicate
rare consociation

5‘a small group of islands’

cluster, knot, collection, mass, clump, bunch


1‘patients were grouped according to their symptoms’

categorize, classify, class, sort, bracket, pigeonhole, grade, rate, rank
designate, label, tag, brand
file, catalogue, list, tabulate, index, assign

2‘she grouped the flowers beautifully in a small alcove’

assemble, collect, gather together, mass, amass, cluster, clump, bunch
arrange, organize, marshal, range, line up, dispose

3‘the two parties grouped together for negotiating purposes’

unite, join up, join together, team up, join forces, pool resources, club together, get together, come together, gather
collaborate, work together, pull together, cooperate
link, ally, associate, fraternize, form an alliance, affiliate, federate
amalgamate, combine, merge, integrate, consolidate

split up